Posted by: Akash Vansal | May 20, 2011

The Temptation of Jesus Christ-II

II. Satans second attempt. And here he fires three salvoes

This is in continuation of our previous posting titled, The Temptation of Jesus Christ-Part I
1. If you are…
2. throw yourself down….
3. For it is written…
a) Satan is very cunning and changes his tacts very fast to deceive. He deceives as per the circumstances we are stuck in. Seeing that Jesus had no doubt of His identity in His mind, that He will not take in His own hand the authority that does not belong to Him and also that Jesus depended on The Word of God for His defense, he shifts his attack using the very Word of God!. Again we see he is using the same term, If you are…but here, he has a slightly different meaning. He wishes to say, OK, I believe you are the Son of God and You also believe, But do Your Father accept or approve You as His Son? Again Satan tries to create confusion in Jesus that are you sure God accepts You as His Son. Why don’t You check this by throwing Yourself down? If He really accepts You as You think, He will surely save You by sending His angels! The very Word of God on which You trust says so. Then I as well as You can be sure of this. So jump.

If Jesus had indeed jumped, it would have meant
# again of obeying the Satan
# doubting the love and the power of God or in other word having no faith in The Father
# forcing God to do that was not His will
# disobeying the Lord

Many a times we are confronted with such disbelief. We often seek things that are not at all needed but just ask in prayer saying, If Lord You really love me, give me this and that. If You really are powerful, do this to me. This is a sin. God says do not put your Lord to test. (Psalm 78:18-22)
then at times, when we enter into argument with people of other faith, we often put Our Lord to test, Lord by doing such and such things, You show that You are the Only God. We have nothing to prove of God’s existence or of His power to any one. Only those people who do not believe in God seek such things or challenge for such things. Jesus did not argued with Satan. We should also not argue with foolish, faithless people.
Our prayer should be to seek His will and not ours.

Now coming to the point of Satan using the scripture verse. Satan knows The whole Bible very well. And thats why he could allure people into those things that are against the commands of The Lord.
The Bible states in 2 Cor. 11:14 that he masquerades as an angel of light, and this he does only by the use of the scripture or as if follower of God. Satan could mislead us by the scripture as if God’s approval of our misdeed. This happens when we read the scripture out of context or in part. No doubt Satan quoted from the Holy Bible, but he hid a part of the scripture. God did promised that He will protect His people by sending His angels. But this was only for those
a) who love Him(91:14),
b) who take refuge in Him and who trust in Him (91:2),
c) who fear Him (Psalm 34:7).
This promise is not for those who doubt. So, we should avoid reading the scripture out of context or in part.
Let us always remember that we have nothing to prove to Satan.

Jesus overcomes it.
If the Satan knows the Bible in full, then no doubt Jesus Christ, the Author and Inspiration of The Bible knows it even best and even more than what Satan knows. For when Peter tried to defend Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus said, “Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels? “ Matthew 26:53. ( 2King 19:35)

To counter Satans attack, Jesus tells him that the same Bible also tells, “Not to test the Lord”
Just because someone challenges to prove God’s love, we should not be carried away to do things that would be termed as foolishness instead of mis-trust. Just because The Lord has promised us to deliver us from every problem doesn’t mean that we purposely put ourself in problem and then call upon The Lord to save us.

We read in The Gospel of John, (8:59, 10:39, 11:54, 12:36) many a times Jesus literally avoided the confronting violent Pharisees inspite of fully aware that He was on His Fathers mission and that His Father will deliver Him from all the hurdles if He had prayed for, He always prayed for the accomplishment of The Fathers will. (Matthew 26:39).

To Be Concluded


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