Posted by: Akash Vansal | December 9, 2011

The Bible Personality

ISAAC, The Covenant Son Of Abraham

One of the three patriarch, Isaac the covenant son of Abraham and Sarah is talked about very less when compared to his father Abraham and one of his son Jacob. Unlike the other two, His name was not changed. We see Isaac tobe some sort of reserved and mindful of his own affairs. At times we see him behave like any ordinary man and at times fully trusting in GOD. He was fond of hunting animals and perhaps loved to take adventurous trek. A man whom GOD chose to show HIS choice as the son of promise. Isaac had step brothers and sisters other than Ismael who was born to Hagar-the Egyptian maid.

As a son: Though nothing much is written but from whatever that is written, we understand that Isaac was obedient to his parents. He must have helped his father in cutting woods and his mother in-house hold works.When Abraham was on his way to sacrifice him as the Lord had commanded him, Isaac reminds his dad of the ‘forgotton’ lamb. He believes his dad when he say that GOd will see. He walks with his dad for two days and carries the fire wood on his shoulder which must have been heavy. This shows he must have been strongly built up. Even then, he offers no resistance when his AGED dad binds him to offer as burnt sacrifice. He surrendered to his dad’s will even at the cost of his own life! Again, when his dad arranges his marriage with Rebekah, he honoured his decisions and shared in his dad’s joy.

As a husband : HE loved his wife very much. So much that he lied to the Philistines about his relationship with her. For he feared that they may kill him to take her away as she was very beautiful. Rebekah could not conceive for 20 years after marriage but he comforted and loved her. HE hid his grief from her and prayed to GOD to bless her with a child.

As a father : Isaac loved Esau which means he must have treated them partially. And this must have moved Rebekah to side with Jacob. Side effect! A common mistake committed by most parents. Had Isaac been impartial and just to both of his sons, (though it was all GOD’s plan , yet he received no instruction from LORD to behave likewise as Abraham got instructions to drive Hagar and Ishmael away), maybe Rebekah would not have rebelled and conspired against him. Maybe the siblings rivalry could have cooled down. I think that due to this , Isaac spent some twenty years without the fellowship of both of his sons. Jacob fled to Bethel and Esau though was with him but was a disgusting to his parents. And his relation with Rebekah would never have been the same.Maybe, they could have stopped talking with each other.
1Corinthians 10:11 “These things happened to them as examples and were written down as warnings for us, on whom the fulfillment of the ages has come.“

As a priest : He trusted GOD and depended upon HIM for the blessings and GOD was always with him. Even his enemies conceded that GOD’s presence was with him. We see the king of Philistine making treaty with him out of fear seeing the LORD’s blessings upon Isaac.

As a neighbour: Even though GOD was with him and blessed him in all that he did, He never felt proud. He never exalted himself. Whenever his neighbours picked up quarrel with him or his men, he would talk peace and would show utmost restrain against them. And this restrain he showed when he had grown up into a powerful person with huge wealth, men and slaves by his side and not due to fear.


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