Vansal Family

Vansal Family is made of  four God’s children, Christ being the head of Our family

1) Akash Vansal


I was born in a Tamil family and brought up in traditional (instead of Spiritual) Christian atmosphere. I was baptized in Tamil Methodist Church, Bombay by water sprinkling at a very young age of 16. I had my formal education and my initial service in Bombay.

By God’s grace, I came in contact with one young youth shepherd, Andrew Othniel.

He introduced me to the world of  ‘Spirit and Truth’. And I don’t regret that it did not take me much time to believe what he said. That was in 1984. And today after 27 years, we are still in contact.

But from 1990 to 2008, we lost contact with each other as I shifted to Nasik, 180 K.M. from Bombay and A.Othniel shifted from his YMCA residence to Thane.

Due to reasons beyond my control, I had to discontinue higher education after Junior college in 1988 and then shifted as a bachelor to Nasik in 1990.

Here, I came in touch with an Alliance Church, founded by The Evangelical Alliance Ministries.

Baptism for Rectification :

In 2009, As I came in touch with Br. Othniel, He asked me one day if had taken baptism by immersion or sprinkled baptism. I remembered I was baptized by sprinkled baptism and on being told the importance of immersed baptism, the way it was done in NT, I once again took immersed baptism in 2008 on the eve of ‘Easter’ Jubilee.

In 1994, I  married Rohini C. Damle who was from a Christian family.

The Lord blessed us with

1) A son Robin in 1995, Now in junior college.

2) A own house in 2002

3) A cute daughter Rose in 2005, Now in Standard First

Today, as on 18 th October, 2011, by the immense grace of our Lord Almighty and His Son and our Saviour Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, we are growing in His Love.

We are sharing His Love and spread His message through a humble magazine ministry. Let’s Grow Up:Everyday In Christ.

Not that we do not sin, but whenever we falter, The Lord uphold’s us with His mighty right arm.

We are grateful and thankful to our Lord for being so kind and merciful to me and my family at all time all these years. And we believe that His presence shall be with us at all times, until and unless we our self go away from His presence.

2) Rohini Akash Vansal

Youngest of four daughters, I was brought up in a  Christian atmosphere  and I come from a Marathi family.  I lost my mother when I was 4 year and my father Late. Chandrakant and my elder sister, Varsha showered immense love and care on me.

My father was a staunch believer in Christ Jesus. He daily used to pray and sing hymns, play musical instruments for the glory of God. He was a great artist too, though I don’t have even one of his painting.

My granny was also a great believer, and today my children love and fear God. May The Lord’s protective wing surround and protect me and my family at all times from faltering to sin and wavering in faith. May Jesus Christ my Lord’s name be glorified at all times by every creations at all places.

It is my Lord’s grace that I am so immensely blessed at which people marvel when I live them my testimony. I strongly believe in quick answer for prayer from my Lord, as He always answers me when I am in problem. All glory and honour to my Living and Loving Lord Jesus Christ.

3) Robin

I am a bit shy, likes to be on my own. Naturally I have less friends.  I am yet to take baptism, but I regularly attend The Lord’s day service, weekly family Bible Study and Church Bible Study. I read my Bible daily.

My father says that I take baptism  after the age of 18 when I will, more specifically know what salvation is and what it means to repent of the sins and as to why I need to accept Jesus as my Saviour personally.

I thank My Lord that He has been kind and loving to me.

May Lord Jesus protect me from all unworthy things of this life as I keep walking in His path trusting in His power. May His Name be glorified by me in my everyday life.

visit my photo gallery :

4) Rose :

All call me lovingly ‘Didi’ which means elder sister in Hindi and I love being called that way.

I am very naughty, very adamant.

I don’t like to go to school but once in school, I just love it.

I love dancing, drawing and I got first prize also in camlin drawing contest.

I like to socialize very much and I am crazy for new clothes and beauty products.

Why don’t you go through my picture album  straightaway.

You will love my pictures, I am damn sure.

just click here…

There is more…

See how I hijacked all attention from Robin in his own birthday party.

Still you want more..

My parents say that I should thank Jesus Christ for all the things and I say Thank You to Jesus for the sweets, for the toys, for my parents. I also pray with my parents.

Thank you Jesus that you are my Lord.


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